Lesung am Pöllauberg (Music | Presentation)





Photography, Presentation,

Marketing Material,

Sounddesign and



This event was created for Joe Koch.


Many thanks go to Johannes

Schweighofer for filming the event!


in 2014, Josef »Joe« Koch, the former headmaster of the elementary school I went to, has approached me to design a lyric book he wrote. I was amazed by the gravity of the texts he wrote and immediately began visualizing them. Over the years, four books saw the light of day and in 2017, sometime after »Literarische Auslese«, a Best Of with new lyrics released, I was approached to design a public reading of the lyrics both visually and acoustically. So I put together a presentation which shows photographs I shot for the texts. After every reading, there was a period of reflection, which I colorfully painted with a live music / sounddesign effort. Below you find a video that shows a glimpse of the show to give you a taste of the venue, photography and the performance of both me and Joe.

© 2018

design and responsibility:


David Schweighofer