Concept, Photography


.raum.zeit is a series of photographs addressing the physical phenomena, time and space. Seperated into two parts, ».raum« and ».zeit«, both consist of digital photographs and alu-dibond fineart prints.


»raum.« was a project designed to interfere with the ordinary flow in public space. I asked myself »what is personal space?«, in both an emotional and a physical way. Where does private space end and where does public space begin? And how can I display a point of intersection in between? I have worked together closely with artist Georg Jobbagy to create an artifact, which not only disturbs, but also reacts to ordinary processes in public space. We transformed it into a performance in public space where we set a car door as the frame between personal and public space and placed it in various public places in Graz, AT. The event was photographed to freeze occurrences while it took place.

© 2018

design and responsibility:


David Schweighofer