A Man In The Night.





Concept, Photography


A Man In The Night is an intimate photographic project. My goal was to photograph a familiar place in a way that I don’t experience very often. Because when I dissected the place I have lived in for over twenty years, I felt, that, while I’m still in a very familiar surrounding, I’m experiencing it in a unusual way. That’s partly only possible because I’m not living at this place anymore and I willingly decided to experience it in a different way by looking at it in a different angle. And psychologically speaking, I think that’s a quite terrifying thing, because if you’re dissecting something you know well enough, it will present itself to you with sides that you don’t know. It means that every thing you know and ever will, has sides to them that you don’t know and never will. But the great thing is that you can find out and see things in a different light, until it gives you enough perspectives to form an somewhat educated assumption on how to approach things, giving you confidence.

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