Distorted Lights (Music)





Songwriting, Performance,

Programming, Recording,

Mixing and Mastering.


This project was accomplished

with Georg Jobbagy, Stefan Wedam

and Michael Merkusch.


Distorted Lights is an austrian experimental alternative rock band founded by Waterman and Swaghofer. It began to form in 2010 with experiments on sound design. Over the years, it grew and grew and eventually became a passion project. The first EP, entitled »Structures« was released in 2015. The full-length concept album, consisting of finished songs from the »Structures« EP aswell as a bunch of new songs, was released in 2016, entitled »City of Dust«. The songs revolve around the Wastelands, in the middle of it, an ancient and almost deserted city, where it’s last remaining inhabitants are exposed to the cruelty of their surroundings, following a global nuclear fallout. The songs all tell a story each, but also forming a narrative when listened together as a full experience. The first single off the new album can be found here and serves as an interlude to a new experience, summarizing the story of »City Of Dust« visually. Below you'll find a free audiostream of the whole album. We’ve also held a music video screening event. We realized that event in cooperation with Styrian Summer Art and Art Machine. Special thanks go to Michaela Zingerle! The event was a melting point between Sounddesign, Music Visualization and Music Video Screenings.

01 – What Have You Done

02 – Stand Strong

03 – Fall And Rise

04 – Circles

05 – Metaphor

06 – Hold On

07 – Jade

08 – The Way Home

09 – Crashed

10 – Oceans

11 – The Wastelands

12 – On The Road To City Of Dust

13 – City Of Dust

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