Peter + der Wolf





Visual Identity and Photography.


Peter + der Wolf is a multimedial project consisting of a studio record, which is currently being finished at Distorted Lights Studios in Pöllau and Linz, live video recordings and a visual identity. I have designed a branding which can be found on social media channels, CD packaging, Flyers and Posters. I have also done portrait photographies and video shootings for the band.


The branding is strongly focused on delivering the broad variety of emotions that the music delivers. The logo was designed to act as a bridge, the »+« between Peter and the Wolf. The four colors are designed to incorporate a spectrum of feelings, bright and warm contrasting with dark and cool, aswell as everything in between, just as the songs on this longplayer do too. Peter copes with themes of death and loss aswell as he sings songs about bright and happy days. The design was crafted with these profound polarities in mind.

© 2018

design and responsibility:


David Schweighofer