Distorted Lights (Package Design)





Visual Identity, Photography and Webpage.


Branding for an austrian experimental alternative rock band Distorted Lights. It began to form in 2010 with experiments on sound design. Over the years, it grew and eventually became a passion project. The first EP, entitled »Structures« was released in 2015. The first longplayer, consisting of finished songs from the »Structures« EP aswell as a bunch of new songs, was released in 2016, it was called »City of Dust«. I have designed the branding for Distorted Lights. I have also created a bunch of music videos and an underground music video screening event. Thanks go to Chri Strassegger for making photos at the event.


The songs on this album revolve around the theme of an almost deserted city, where the inhabitants are exposed to the cruelty of their surroundings. The songs all tell a story each, forming a greater substory when listened together as a full experience. »City Of Dust« is a conceptual album. The successor to City Of Dust, currently in the making will hopefully arrive in 2018. Below you'll find a free audiostream of the whole album.

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David Schweighofer